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Kuva: Paula Lönnemo

Biological diversity in forests is necessary for life and sustainable wellbeing. Citizen’s OUR FORESTS -comment demands that forests are protected and forestry is developed to become more ecological.

During the next 20 years all 160-year-old forests, that also maintain biodiversity, are vanishing in Finland. In 15 years, some forest inhabitants, such as willow tits and crested tits, have decreased by half. In addition to impoverishing the environment, logging destroys directly animals’ and birds’ nests, despite the fact that disturbing nests is prohibited by the environmental protection laws. Extensive clear-cuts cause traumas for people since the memory-filled and familiar forests are gone for the next generation.

Currently, the quota for logging is being increased. If they are actualised, researchers see it as a problem for the carbon sinks and climate politics of Finland. In other words, short term economic goals threaten the ability of forests to maintain life. At the same time, according to surveys, the majority of Finns would like to maintain forests in their natural state.

Citizen’s OUR FORESTS -comment

Approximately 400 people gathered in the Helsinki Cathedral Crypt 27.10.2018 to take a stand for OUR FORESTS.

In the program that consisted of personal stories, artistic elements, and scientific statements both joy and grief for forests was shared. Scientists, forest owners, entrepreneurs and politicians developed ideas for more ecological forestry.

The written comment was handed over to the delegate of the minister of environment and the minister of agriculture and forestry. The commentary is linked with

  • WWF Finland’s forest vision
  • The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation’s forest goals for 2018-2030
  • a forestry statement signed by 68 researchers on the 24th March 2017 and
  • a citizen’s initiative to pass a law to prohibit clear-cuts in state-owned forests.

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